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\<-----The SASS Home Page: Need I say more?

The NRA..if you want to keep guns to darn well had better join'em.

These finefolks (TSRA) got us our "Concealed Handgun Law"!

  ProvidingFirearms Information to Women World Wide

Some of the CowboyClubs

Lone Star Frontier Shooting Club: Just a few miles East of the Comanche Valley Vigilantes. We shoot with them and they shoot with us, allon different weekends. Matter of fact, many OF US ARE MEMBERS OF BOTH CLUBS.


OLD FORT PARKER PATRIOTS... This relatively new club holds the annual "Defend Old Fort Parker" match and now shoots each month, at the fort, near Grosebeck, TX (near about the middle of Texas)

Near the Alamo....Justnorth of San Antonio. They visit Showdown, let's visit them.

And Also...just south of SanAntonio the SouthTexas Pistolaros, anew group to shoot with!


They're Back!!! Come on down to Fredericksburg and throwsome lead with 'um.

::A Brand New clubin Cyprus Texas, near Houston, but with all the old friends you "got toknow and love" (their club contact is "Shotglass", need I saymore?). They would be well worth a trip down "south." 

TheTexas Troublemakers: A newlyformed club, you'll know most of 'em.  They are located inBrownsboro Texas, just West and a little South of Tyler. 

These are the Corpus Christi shooters whotraditionally put on a two day match in April (Defend'n the Oso) where you shootten million rounds on each of 600 stages. Great fun in South Texas

 A South and West of Austin, these fine folks made it to our Annual Match, and took some prizes with them. We should get down there and win some back!!! kWest of Austin 

OakwoodOutlaws  anew club run by some of the nicest folks you ever meet; the likes of TexasAlline and JustaHand. Shooting in Oakwood, near Buffalo (northof Houston off 45). 


Tejas Pistoleros: Their monthly matchesare close to Houston, and don't forget their infamous "Standoffat Plum Creek" in October.

Texas Historical ShootistSociety (THSS) : Talkabout Cowboy Towns to shoot in, they've built the "Mother ofAll Towns" between Austin & Houston near Columbus, andtheir "Trailhead" in March is not tobe missed.

Brazos Valley Desperados (BVD): Theyhave more fun shooting than a barrel of "Mad Dogs" nearBryan/College Station and, oh boy, can they cook! The words"fun and irreverent" come to mind.

Texas Peacemakers(TP): Headed a bit east? Then try the Tyler"gang". They have grass and lakes and SHADE!! Praticeyour"reloads-on-the-clock" and your bird and rabit shoot'nbefore you "gets thare". Super group, and a full day'sshoot.

Comanche Trail Shootists: If'n you're out in the realwest...West Texas that is, near abouts to Midland, tradesome lead with these folks.

      The Shortgrass Rangersarea new club located in Southwest Oklahoma, not all that far from North Texas. Ifyou are heading a bit north bring some guns and ammo, and play with 'em.

  Territorial Marshals These are the folks that bring you Land Run each April, from just 3 hoursnorth of here, Oklahoma City, where you'll meet the the friendlestshooters you ever wanted to be beat by!

Cheyenne Regulators (Wyoming... that is) Home of theinfamous "Hell on Wheels" shootouteach July (Long drive, great shoot)!


 CVVMembers Buckskin Bunnyand BoogerRed Privet now have a great placeto stay while you're down Fredericksburg, Texas way. Check their place out!


Hereis a great Source to find linksto most all Cowboy Action Shooting related stuff. It's called  COWBOYACTION SHOOTING (ORG) Everything you always wanted to know about the Glen Rose area, including whereto stay and what to see.

 LoneStar CowboyGear: They set up at local gun shows,nice people, and their products are completely authentic in design. They caneven create a gun rig to match a period photo you might have.

Calico Annie:Wifeof CVV Member Axle Smith, Annie makes "custom" ladies periodclothing. Check her out.


t MULE HEAD'S GUNS: They have a bunch of CowboyGuns NEW and USED for sale: met them at Plum Creek, nice honest folks.

OFFThe Wall Guncarts Nice guy, great carts, very goodprices, and he's an out-of-town CVV Member.

 A Cowboy MagazineThese are the nice folks whomade Aimless Annie's "Comanche Valley Vigilantes"story theirFebruary/March Cover Story !

A great sight incorporatingall kinds of shooting related links. Strange combination of links, (Guns, Cars, etc.) but it includes about 1.5 zillion links to every gun site you can imagine, INCLUDING many LOCAL LINKS, and even a Gun "Chat" forum. If you want to know how to find a club, or manufacturer, or whatever it even has a build in Google search just for the site. If you can't find it here, perhaps is doesn't exhist...


Cas-L InternetPosse:Sort of "World Wide Virtual Posse", a great way tochat with other Cowboy Shooters from "everywhere".

M.D. SMITH'S RELOADINGPAGES This is it! M.D. Smith hasalmost 400 LINKS related to Cowboy Action Shooting, Clubs,RELOADING data, etc. for more calibers than the real world knowsof, and TONS more stuff.You could spend weeks following allthese links.

Cowtown Katy's Emporium: Cowtown Katy and Klondike shoot with us often, and while Klondike can't hit anything, they are nontheless swell folks.  

 I willADD More Links when and if I discover them. Bad Image

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