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Top Ladies: Texas Jewel
Top Men: Shalako Joe

Judge Roy Bean, SASS#1, and Honored Showdown Guest, destinguished as always.
Nueces Outlaw: CVV President, doing what we pay him "big time" for.

Texas Jim Henry: our "Tostmaster General"
handing a thank you gift to Mrs. Ormsby

Our Our Honored Land Owners and Hosts:
The Ormsby's
JudgCapt. Ira Aten: fix'en a bicycle accident, not shooting related, "hurt" arm. e Roy

Kirkpatrick Leather and Marlin "Rifle Raffle" winners:

Texas Jack Daniels signs Colt Faro Too's cast.

Shadrach & Black Barth designed all the stages, and Lilac Alnight did the scoring, yet again, and...

These, and those below, are the Folks, "What done set the whole thing up, and made it to happen.
Perhaps, you might thank 'em when next you see 'em."

Marshall Jack Bridges, Badlands Ben, Nonstop, Bent Star, Nueces Outlaw, Blaster, Old Bob, Cowtown, Prairie Clover, Curl E. Kay, Sheriff Oso, Eli Hawk
Texas Banker, Doc Brazos, Texas Jewell, Establo, Texas Jim Henry, Fancy Stitch, Texas Scrounger, Goatneck Clem, West Ward Ho, I Reckon, Nuttin' Graceful
Lamesa Kid, Billy Bob Evans, Belle Kaye, Knifemaker, Texas Jack Star, Shalako Joe, Silver Sam, Sycamore Willie, Goody, Eli Hawk's wife, Noah Gonnatellya
Mrs M., H H Hipshot, Hopalong Casey, Cricket Dave, Tuff N Uff, Honey Graceful, Shadrach, Lightn' Zack, Black Barth, Lilac Alnight, Bad Image
Mad Hatter, Cpt. Ira Aten, Maggie Rules

The very un-official Frontiersman "Darkside Trophy" is passed on again, but quite frankly, we don't know for sure, "why it be?"


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