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  What We Shoot and What You Should Bring 
(CVV averages about 160 shooters per weekend)

We normally shoot 5 or 6"stages" or "scenarios" plus a"side" or "team match". Each"stage" is a "little story" with props andtargets. As an example, you might have to "hop up out ofbed, unlock the jail cell shoot through the window with yourpistol, grab the money bag, go out and get your shotgun and shoot4 shells from behind the rock, then get your rifle from thehorses scabbard and...." Etc.

Each "stage" isdifferent, and each match is different, and you're timed on each"stage" with a time penalty for any missed shots.

Since we shootreal guns with real bullets SAFETY COMES FIRST: If you are on the range you are encouraged to wear"ear protection "and REQUIRED to wear EYE PROTECTION (Glasses that will protect your eyes)

Clothing: We dressperiod "Old Western" (1860 to 1899) or "MovieWestern"( John Wayne, The Lone Ranger, etc.), as much aspossible. (In major matches it 's required). Sorry, but modern"Billy Bob's" Western doesn't quite fit in with ourtheme. We do realize, and understand, that it may take some timefor new shooters to get their outfits together.

Guns & Ammo

Ammo: If you don't load your own ammo, thereare plenty of "Cowboy Loads" on the market.

Revolver:Any SINGLEACTION cartridge revolver of at least .32 caliber, with about 50 LEAD ONLY bulletsnot loaded above 1,000fps. We generally shoot at steel targets,and hot hunting loads are not permitted. Black Powder orsmokeless powder is OK.

Rifle:Any leveror slide action, tubular feed, exposed hammer rifle or carbine of.25 caliber or larger in a "pistol caliber". (NO .30-06, .30-30, 7mm etc.) OPEN SIGHTS including tang mounted peep sights only. No scopes even ifthey are "period". Bring about 50 LEAD ONLY bullets,not loaded above 1,400 fps.

(The Long range Rifles, 45-70etc., are shot on monthly matches OUT TO 400+ YARDS. They areshot after the main stages, you should call for more detailsabout the "Big Guns").

Shotgun:Any Side bySide, typical for the era, without automatic ejectors, with orwithout external hammers, or any pump shotgun with an exposedhammer (i.e. Winshester Model 97 or Marlin Model 16). About 25shotgun shells no larger than 10 gauge, or smaller than 20 gauge,and #4 or smaller LEAD ONLYSHOT. We suggest "light target"type loads.

(Children under14, and shooters with special physical needs, get specialexceptions to the above

Money and Times. Watching amatch is FREE. The match Shooting fee is $15 for Non Club Members ($10 for Members). You can join at the match. If you don't haveall the guns yet, you can usually borrow from one of us to try ona stage or two. Just ASK.

If you want toactually do some shooting, please arrive by 8:00am for registration and the MandatoryShooters Meeting where we will explain the day's match.

Ourmatches are usually over by early-afternooneach day, but many of us try to stick around after lunch to"socialize" in the spirit of the Old West.

Remember, thisis a Family activity and your whole family is welcome.

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