Special Events, Custom Awards, and 


Comanche Valley Vigilantes

Congratulations to the 299 Shooters that finished the Match. 


Buckeroo Rifle Winner: Bonnie Blue

 SASS- Drawing Rifle Raffle Winner, Omaha John, with CVV "Toast Master General" Texas Jim Henry.


Doug Prine (Hoofprint): CVV Landowner, and Western Artist, received another well deserved Showdown Thanks.

Our Ever-valuable, (and near flawless) Score Keeper: Lilac Alnight



As per every year Grady helps us fix our guns and if necessary our bodies. Fortunately, again, no one left with any new "leaks" this year.


Coyote Calhoun and (SASS#1) Judge Roy Bean at the SASS Tent- Spreading the good word.

 With a REAL Mounted Event only 200 yards from Buck Creek, strange animals often wandered over, and most often with their horses!


Spirit of the Game Award

TOP Hand


Bear Gunz: Let it NEVER be said that he's a quitter!

Johnny Red Shovel: Working quietly, (and not always so quietly) taking care of everything that needed doing. He even convinced his lovely wife, Lottie Dah and  their son to help!


Clean Match - Hit every target they aimed at, and aimed at all proper the targets!

Some of 'em did it "real fast" and some a bit less than "real fast".

Not in Any Order: Headstone Hunter: Bos'n: Capt. Sam Evans: Jess Good: Doc Brazos: Dirty Dusty: Six: Mustang Ford: San Juan: Max Montana: Choctaw: Gas Light Gal: Gen. Jubal Early: Bad Image: Tin Horn: Tally Book



Costume Awards

Help! I can't lay my hands on the Costume awards winner's list, please email me with who is who, so I can get this corrected.  (Yes, I apologize,  I can remember many of you, but not every one of you!)

To email  names Click here ----> Badimage


Ladies Fancy


Men's Fancy

Louisiana Lady: H attie Hawkins: Canyon Meadows  

Drifter: Slippery Dick: Headstone Hunter

Junior Ladies

Cowgirl Cutie : Ladybug'n Cover : Texas Jewel

Junior Men


Military Outfits

Wild Hog John : Colt Faro Too: No No Bad Dog

Capt. George Baylor : Capt. Jarrett: Chicken Little


Men's Working

Doc Cooper : XXXXXXXXCowtown

Soiled Doves


Silver Screen : Eat your heart out Hollywood!

 Shot Glass: Buckskin Bunny: Rocky Meadows  

 Lone Star Rose and Coyote Calhoun



The 2nd Annual Not-so-Real Mounted Event


Here too- Please help with missing (XXXX) names.


You-know-who thought it all up, as well as the "humor" on the ground stages

Last years Defending Champions- let pretty much all of it hang out in a valiant attempt to make it two years in a row. The alias's of these team members (Shotglass, Justice Lilly Kate, and Rocky Meadows ) will NOT be listed here, in order  to discourage  crank calls. 

Great style points for a clever team. Unfortunately style points didn't count. Capt. Jarrett, Azle Parker and Justin Parker, nice job!

Youth won out this year (so what's new?) as the team of Undertaker Michael, No No Bad DogCapt Sam Evans, and XXXXXXXXXXXX had a clean run  that was "Way Fast".


Enough Already... Hope to See Ya Next Year!